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How to Dry a Water-Damaged iPhone

Accidents happen, but do you find yourself in desperate need of information on where you should go for cell phone repairs after water damage? Before taking your damaged phone to a repair shop, there are other steps you can try before making a trip to the nearest repair shop to save the life of your pocket companion. These tips may even save you a couple hundred dollars and the hassle of updating a brand new phone with all your personal information, contacts and photos.

How to Dry Out a Water-Damaged Phone before Going to a Cell Phone Repair Shop

There are a few ways to repair a water-damaged cell phone before taking it into a cell phone repair shop. One way is to grab a big bowl and fill it with uncooked rice. Put your phone in the rice and let your phone sit totally covered for 24 hours. Once the time has lapsed, attempt to turn on the phone. If your phone still does not work, attempt the process again and let it sit for a day. If this does not work, you may want to take it to a cell phone repair shop and see if it is able to be saved.

Cell Phone Repair for Water-Damaged Phones

Water damage can cause numerous problems for a cell phone and but there may be a few solutions to repair your cell phone. Remove the device from the water immediately. The most interesting and successful method for this issue is to submerge your phone in 99{9fd57656f0c3158e2ddf681c113cfb265f54cdc2e1bd8170f2605c9cbc0072cd} alcohol. Alcohol is a non-conductive liquid so this will not hurt your phone. Let the phone soak for an hour or two, then remove the phone and let it dry. Try to turn the phone back on. If this does not work, it may need to be taken to a cell phone repair shop. More info here.

Orange County iPhone Repair

Broken iPhone is an Orange County iPhone repair shop that specializes in water damage among other liquid damages. They provide structured liquid damage services for iPhones in addition to other cell phones, laptops and tablets. They have a five step process that not only removes all foreign material, but neutralizes and prevents corruption. In most cases, they are able to recover all your data during the process. Another Orange County repair shop is uBreakiFix. Their technicians are experienced in repair water damaged iPhones, smartphones, iPods, iPads, tablets, game consoles, PCs and Macs. They are open seven days a week and most repairs are able to be fixed same-day. There are many uBreakiFix locations across the country as well.

There are a few solutions to saving your phone from water damage and avoiding the hassle of needing to purchase a new phone. These are a couple of do it yourself solutions in addition to the best places in Orange County to repair your phone. Cell phone repair can be a very challenging task, but it is worth a shot to try to fix it as fast as you can before it is gone forever.

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