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Rumors Confirmed: Apple’s Next iPhone Device To Have An All-Glass Casing

A few weeks ago, Apple enthusiasts began predicting what the next iPhone may look like. After a few short weeks, it turns out all the smartphone predictors were right! The next iPhone device will, in-fact have an all-glass casing. A step in a new direction for the iPhone series which has classically featured an upper panel and lower panel. My question is where will the iconic “home button” be placed? Will the glass casing surround a home button?

Perhaps more interestingly, cell phone repair shops are already preparing the required parts for iPhone glass replacement. Unless there is a big change in the quality of glass used, I expect local shops like cell phone repair Hamilton will to continue growing in demand and multiply in numbers.

With that being said Not all new iPhone’s are said to have this design. However, they do predict the iPhone 8 models will come out with this new edgeless feature. Rumors were confirmed today by Allen Horng as confirmed in Forbes iPhone & Tech Blog May 25th. Catcher Technology has long been a manufacturing partner with Apple and it’s unclear whether they were permitted to give this information or if it was simply leaked.

The phone are expected to arrive in 2017 with the all-glass iphone casing. Production lines will be altered, sources say, to double the size will all new equipment and machinery to accommodate for the new edgeless surface that requires glass melting and molding not currently available on apple products. Apple moved away fro back glass casings on phone like the iphone 4 and 4s series to having the plastic back which started on the iphone 5 and 6. It’s interesting they’ve decided to go back to glass on both sides.

As a long time iPhone user, in particular the iphone 4, broken glass occurred about 3 times in the 2 years I had the phone. I for one, will be using a case that will cover the rear portion of the glass casing. LG and Samsung have had a similar approach in the past to double sided glass. But just how thin are we willing to make glass? Perhaps with new flexible glass technology, we may find a lot less broken screen. I’m sure the cell phone repair industry is nervous with every new update as a simple tempered glass update by Apple may spell a huge reduction in glass repair cell phone shops.

Apple’s growth has not been skyrocketing in the past several years since Steve’s Job’s passing. Perhaps a new approach and groundbreaking updates are what apple need to perform better in Q1 and Q2 of 2017. It appears that Apple is going to face strong competition going forwards but there is a growing consensus of iphone “forever” and a huge loyal following that are please to have their macbook pro, iphone, ipad and apple tv perfectly in sync at all times. It would take an extreme blunder in manucturing for this new all glass casing to be anything but a home run in 2017.

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